12 Jun 2014

eSafety for Children

Something that is more common than people imagine is incidents involving inappropriate use of technology with children. A lot of children are taught about eSafety at school, but its good for parents to be aware as well, so that they can be there to help kids too and know what to do in the event of an incident.
Here are a few tips and tricks I was passed on:
  • Add filtering to internet access where possible - content controlled software that helps to filter out inappropriate content.
  • Restrict internet access to public spaces at home (so not in bedrooms), keeping things open between you and your kids.
  • Encourage your child to have secure passwords to their sites. Treat you password like your toothbrush ...don't let anyone else use it ....change it regularly!
  • Discuss eSafety with your children, show interest in in what they are doing online and how they use technology. Encourage them to be safe and responsible online.
  • Encourage them to talk to you if they have any concerns about anything online, and feel confident in telling you.
  • Take some time to learn how to use some of the social networks so that you are aware of the dangers, understand and can help your child stay safe on them. Be a good model of staying safe online in your own behaviours.
  • Remind your child to follow the SMILE and stay safe rules:
S - Staying safe by keeping personal details private, like name, phone number, address, age. 
M - Meeting up with someone online can be dangerous, only ever go if you have an adult with you.
I - Information online can be untrue, biased or inaccurate. Someone might not be telling the truth.
L - Let parents or trusted adult know if you ever feel uncomfortable or worried about anything online
E - Emails, downloads, IM messages, photos or anything from someone you dont know or trust may contain a virus or unpleasant message, dont open it or reply.

For further information I suggest you visit the OFSTED site:
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