21 Mar 2016

Kenana Knitters give out 100 Ruby cups.

Kenana Knitters is a share profit company which means the profits from worldwide sales go back into helping the women in various areas including health and education. Some of the latest great work has been helping with the issue of women's menstruation. A big problem in the third world.

In November there were 100 Ruby cups handed out at Kenana, Ruby Cups you say? Well, we'll explain.
For most women in the first world, monthly periods or menstruation comes round without much notice or fuss, a quick trip to the supermarket and a packet of tampons or pads and that's the extent of the effort. It is viewed merely as a slight irritation and disruption to our daily routine, 5 days or so of discomfort and life returns to normal.
However, have you ever thought about what happens in a third world country where there isn't a supermarket nearby, and even if there is the cost of the tampons or pads is more than you would spend on a family meal. What would you choose, to feed your family or to buy tampons?  Most women and their daughters will opt to go without those luxuries, instead girls miss school and women take days off work missing out on valuable wages. (To read more about the issue visit the Ruby cup website - HERE)

But in 2011 Ruby Cup began work in Kenya, giving women hope. Menstrual Cups offer a long term solution to the financial constraints and embarrassment as each cup lasts up to 10 years, they are hygienic and use far less water to clean than the endless washing of cloth padding and underwear. Being an internal option they are discreet and effective allowing women to carry out a normal work day with minimal interruptions and shielding them from the public taboo which still shrouds a woman’s menstruation in many communities. 

 So a few months ago Ruby Cup came to Kenana to educate the women on reproductive health and menstrual hygiene, to explain about the benefits and how to use the cups. In conjunction with One Colour (Kenana Down Under), they handed out 100 menstrual cups, to the Kenana ladies and their daughters. 

Thank you Ruby Cup, Kenana Knitters and Kenana Down Under!

Well done ladies!!