12 Feb 2016

Fair Trade for Valentines

It's import to be ethical in all areas of our lives and Valentines is no different, and to make it easier we've got you a list of 5 Ethical and Fairly traded gift shops for you to browse for your partner.

At Valentines the most popular things to give are cards, flowers, chocolates, soft toys and jewellery, so here are some fantastic shops that you can use to choose that Fair gift!

Cards - The Ethical Market Place 'LOST LANES' has a wonderful selection of ethically made Cards (especially great choice of humorous ones).

Flowers - BUNCHES work with growers and suppliers taking a responsible approach to ethical flowers, their packing is all 100% recyclable, and they are offering FREE delivery AND a free box of chocolates for online orders! What's not to love!

Chocolates -  At SEED AND BEAN, their chocolate is 100% Organic and Ethical, and its even handmade in England. They have a fabulous selection of delicious treats and what's more you can even build your own custom chocolate hamper - Oh Yes!

Soft Toys  -  WILDLY WOOLLY  have wonderful handmade, organic cotton or natural wool cuddly toys. Ethically made by the women of 'Kenana Knitters' in Kenya. These gorgeous cuddlies are so cute, it's not just babies who cant help loving them!

Jewellery -  APRIL DOUBLEDAY only uses ethical or Fairtrade certified precious metals in her jewellery, and with a fabulous selection of women and men's gifts we love her beautiful pieces, she even makes wedding jewellery (for your future reference) out of  Fairtrade Gold, Platinum of recycled gold! Love it!

So while all this LOVE is flying around on Valentines day lets make it Fair LOVE that hasn't hurt anyone in the process - what could be more perfect! HAPPY VALENTINES to you all!